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Admin Appointment Creation/Cancellation

Appointment Creation

Your customers can book their own appointments from the front-end, but if you need to add an appointment from the administrative side, you can create appointments quickly and easily using the appointment calendar on the backend.

  1. Go to the Appointments > Settings page.
  2. You will see a big calendar. Find and click on the day for which you want to book the appointment.
  3. Find the time slot and click the "New Appointment..." button.
  4. If this is a current customer, you can simply search and select them from the user dropdown.
  5. If this is a new customer, you can quickly add them as a new user by using the registration fields. The first name and email are the only required fields.
  6. When the appointment is booked, the user will get an email welcoming them to the site (with a username/password) as well as a appointment confirmation email. These emails can be customized/turned off from the QuickCal Settings panel.

Appointment Cancellation

To cancel someone's appointment, simply find the appointment on the calendar and click the X next to their name in the time slot from which you want to remove them.