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Payments with WooCommerce

Be sure to install the WooCommerce plugin before using this feature.

Creating a Product for QuickCal

To create a new product, simply go to Products > Add Product.

  1. Give this new product a name. For example, if you have different packages for your bookings, you could call the first one Bronze Package.
  2. A description isn't necessary so you can skip the content area.
  3. Go right to the Product Data section below the editor (if you don't see it, check the box from the Screen Options panel at the top right) and check the box next to "QuickCal Product" and then provide a price for this product:

  4. These are the only three (3) required pieces of information. However, you can add attributes and variable pricing if needed (see the Attributes/Variable Pricing section below).

Adding a Product to the Booking Form

Once you have a few products added (in this example we added a Bronze, Silver and Gold package), go the Appointments > Settings panel and head over to the Custom Fields tab there.

  1. Click the "+ Paid Service Selector" button to use the new product selection field:

  2. Give this option a name, such as "Choose a Booking Package":

  3. Click the "+ QuickCal Appointment Service" button to add a WooCommerce product as an option. Add all of the choices you need for this specific dropdown:

  4. Save the custom fields and you're ready for paid appointments!

Attributes/Variable Pricing

In some cases you might have products with options that change the pricing of the appointment. For this, you would use WooCommerce's attributes and variable pricing. Please read up on how to create these from here: http://docs.woothemes.com/document/variable-product/

What Happens Next?

  1. A visitor will book an appointment. During this process, they will choose a product (and options if available) and submit the form to book the appointment.
  2. The appointment will be saved as "Awaiting Payment". The time slot will be filled for now.
  3. If you have your appointments set to auto-approve, then it will be approved at this point.
  4. The customer will be taken directly to checkout to pay for the appointment.
  5. Once paid, the appointment will be marked as "Paid".
  6. If the customer leaves the checkout process at any point, they can come back to pay later from their Profile page. If they never pay, the appointment stays forever as Awaiting Payment, which bring us to ...

Appointment Cleanup Options

If you head over to Appointments > Payment Options, you will see the options to enable Auto-Cleanup and a selection of schedule choices. This is highly recommended. If appointments are chosen but not paid for, they will stay in your calendar forever unless you manually remove them. To avoid this, you can enable the auto-cleanup feature at a set interval of your choosing.