How to Remove a Section Showing on The Frontend But Not The Backend

There is a specific scenario that can sometimes come up where a meta box appears on the frontend of the website but not in the backend.

Generally speaking, the theme will prevent you from removing a meta box in the backend of the website if the meta box is set with Display ON. It will popup and say to set Display to OFF first. However, if you have multiples of the same meta box type, and the quantity is lowered with the Display set ON, then the meta box will disappear from the backend but not the frontend.

The solution is to increase the quantity for the meta box type that is appearing, save the page, and then go to that meta box and set the Display to OFF. Then the quantity can be decreased again.

If you have questions about this or are not able to correct it, please feel free to open a ticket and we can assist.

Find out how to remove or add back in Meta Boxes here: https://themovation.ticksy.com/article/8003