Bug: Standard buttons are being converted to Add to Cart buttons

**EDIT: The Meta Box plugin author has since released a new version of the plugin (4.8.7) including a fix for this issue. You can just update the plugin from within the WP admin area it will be resolved.

Unfortunately there is a bug in the current version of one of the required plugins we use, Meta Box (4.8.6) that is causing standard buttons to automatically turn into Add to Cart buttons. The plugin author will be releasing a new version soon containing the fix, but we can't be sure exactly when. In the meantime, there are a few options to overcome this issue:

1. It will only occur if you have products setup in WooCommerce, so if you're not using the plugin you can deactivate it and the issue won't come up.

2. Each time you update a page or custom post type containing a button, you can just click the small x on the right side of the dropdown for the button before clicking Update.

3. If neither of those options is ideal for you, we have a hotfix you can apply:
( *This should be a smooth process but it's always best to make a backup just in case )

Download this zip file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nwj82ysqftjtw2b/meta-box-4.8.6-hotfix.zip?dl=0

Extract the folder inside, titled 'meta-box'.

Connecting over FTP, copy the 'meta-box' folder into /wp-content/plugins/ to override the existing folder with the same name. If any prompts come up, choose yes to override files.