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Page Builder (aka meta box builder) Overview

How to add content using meta boxes

You can add content just like you would in any WordPress website, the Content Editor is available for you on every page. If you want to add specialized content, like Testimonials, Sliders, Showcases you’ll need to use the Custom Post Types to create them and then a Metabox to show them on your page.

In this example we’ll be adding Testimonials.

Step One:

Add your first Testimonial under Dashboard > ‘Bellevue’ > ‘Testimonials’ – It helps to make groups first but it’s not required.

Step Two:

Create a new page or edit the page you want to show your testimonial on. Inside the ‘Metabox Builder’ check ‘Testimonials’ and ‘Update Post’ to save your changes (reloads page).

Step Three:

Once the page reloads you’ll find that the Testimonials Metabox is now appearing. Inside that box, check the ‘Display’  checkbox, then under ‘Testimonials’ tab, choose whether you want to select your testimonial individually or as part of a group. If you haven’t made a group yet you’ll can go back and do so or select individually for now. Once you have the testimonial  you want to display selected, save your changes using the ‘update’ button. All done.

There are several options inside each Metabox that allow you to add padding, animations, background images and colors etc.

Video 1 - Overview

This shows a live example of how the meta box builder works on our Bellevue Theme. This applies to Entrepreneur and also Stratus as well as Bellevue. 

Video 2 - Adding a testimonial

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