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Using Modal window / Lightbox with a button, shortcode or image link

Video Play Button Modal Shortcode

You can use the Video Lightbox Button from the shortcode generator which outputs a nice play icon.

[video_play src="" width="400" size="xl-icon" icon="glyphicons-play-button"]

Regular Modal

Great for when you want a button to open a modal with text in the modal window.

[modal title="Modal Title here" button_type="default" button_text="Button Text" button_size="default" footer="off"]Content goes here[/modal]

Video Lightbox from a Button

If you're wanting to launch a video from a more regular button instead, you could use this code:

<a class="btn th-btn btn-cta" href="" data-toggle="lightbox" data-width="1280">Launch video</a>

That outputs a CTA button, you could swap out "btn-cta" for "btn-standard" or "btn-ghost" instead. That code can be added anywhere HTML is accepted. You could just add that into the slider Content Editor box instead of using the fields for a slider button.

Video Modal launched from an Image Link

You can use this code to output an image link that opens a video modal:

<a href="" data-toggle="lightbox" data-width="1280" rel="nofollow"><img src="http://path-to-your-image/image.jpg"></a>