Updating Master Slider

When you purchase an item on ThemeForest, you receive a purchase code for the product you bought directly, but not for any products bundled with it.

Master Slider uses auto-updates, but that requires a purchase code so you if you want to update then you just need to update it manually instead.

**It is important to note that if you 'delete' Master Slider in your plugins page by clicking on the 'delete' button, the uninstall proccess will trigger and it will erase all sliders and data related to Master Slider. Instead you should follow these steps provided by Master Slider to update manually:

  • You can get the latest version we have shipped with in the theme download package from your ThemeForest downloads page.
  • Remove '/wp-content/plugins/masterslider' directory on your website using FTP
  • Extract the download package file and find 'masterslider.zip' - depending on which theme that you are using it could be in several locations:
    • Entrepreneur theme: folder '/wp-content/themes/entrepreneur/plugins'.
    • Bellevue theme: folder '/wp-content/themes/bellevue/plugins'.
    • Stratus theme: folder '/wp-content/themes/stratus/plugins'.
    • Pursuit theme: folder '/wp-content/themes/pursuit/plugins'.
  • Extract 'masterslider' directory to your computer and upload it to '/wp-content/plugins/' directory using an FTP program
  • Activate the plugin in the Plugins page

Please also note that Master Slider updates frequently, so sometimes the latest version will be newer than what is included in the latest version of our themes. Most updates are not vital. If there is a security fix or important update, we will update Master Slider right away.

If you have any questions, feel free to open a support ticket.

We will always have a recent version of the Master Slider Plugin here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mhpqd8atrshfgu5/master-slider.zip?dl=1