How to Update the Theme

Are you using Stratus V2? Not sure?  Please see important update instructions for Stratus here.

Are you using Bellevue V1? Not sure?  Please see important update instructions for Bellevue here.

Are you using Entrepreneur V1? Not sure?  Please see important update instructions for Bellevue here.

For Embark (All versions), Stratus (V3), Bellevue (V2), Entrepreneur (V2), Pursuit (V2), please use the auto update plugin included with the theme setup.

For Eatery:

The latest versions of our themes can be download any time from your ThemeForest download page.

First of all we recommend making a backup of your files and database when updating the theme, just in case even though it should go over smoothly.

If you have made any modifications to the core theme files without using the included child theme then you’ll need to make note of the changes, and in that case we would definitely recommend making a backup. A program like WinMerge (Windows) or DiffMerge (Cross platform) can also be very helpful in that situation. For theme file changes, we always recommend using the included child theme instead of editing the main/parent theme itself.

If you haven’t made any core theme file changes, the best way to update the theme would be to extract the download package and overwrite the (parent) theme folder over FTP.

If you’re not familiar with FTP, then you can just go into the WP dashboard and delete the (parent) theme, then install the newly downloaded version of the theme as you normally would (note that you’ll have to switch the theme before deleting it if you are not using a child theme, since WP doesn’t allow you to delete the active theme.) Since your content and settings are stored in the database, you won’t be deleting that content.

If you have any questions, feel free to open a support ticket.